Communicate village views

Communicate village views to Parish, District and County Councils, media and community groups for example:

  • Represent village views on speeding and anti-social behaviour to the police, sit on the Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) and actively participate in the Community Speedwatch programme. FHRA has funded speed awareness equipment, identified more speeding hot spots and collected traffic volume evidence. The village now has its own movable flashing speed sign monitoring the problem.
  •  Represent residents’ views on planning issues. FHRA was heavily involved in the Daws Hill development and remain involved with the Old Nursery site (commenting on the applications, appeal process and new applications for the site) and other planning applications and parking issues. We remain involved in Wycombe’s New Local Plan (NLP), and Committee Members are active on the newly formed groups dealing with infrastructure and those groups that affect our areas, including Abbey Barn Reserve Site and Junction 3A.