As you know, the application for an increased number of caravans to be sited on the Old Nursery came before WDC Planning Committee last Wednesday evening, 26th April.

The Parish Council and FHRA both spoke in opposition to this application, which was also opposed by District Cllrs John Savage and David Johncock. However, as you’ve probably already heard, despite these strong objections and considerable debate amongst the committee members, we have to advise that the application was eventually approved by the Committee but with an additional condition that restricts the occupation of the site to named individuals. The permission will also make clear that the occupants cannot increase the sizes of the static caravans which are detailed on an approved WDC drawing for the site. Finally, an “informative” was to be added drawing attention to the 2008 Model Standard for mobile home sites which will be used by the WDC licensing staff.

It will now be down to WDC to ensure that the conditions and licensing requirements are met and maintained.