On 8th November we heard that the managing agents have now contracted a company to do in depth (pardon the pun) research into the hole and that this should happen within the next couple of weeks, they then prepare and submit a report on recommended actions.

November 2017:
Here’s our latest update on the situation regarding the sinkhole!
FHRA has been monitoring this situation and requesting updates from the appropriate parties involved from the outset of this issue.
As you all know, the sinkhole first appeared during August, and has been deteriorating since that time. The forecourt area is part of the footprint of Aries House, which comprises all the shops in that parade and as such is the responsibility of the owners of Aries House. Lamberts Chartered Surveyors are the management company for the building owners who are a property company named Cuxton.
Lamberts have advised they believe the subsidence is due to some water erosion either by damaged water pipes or sewage leaks. Thames Water have been to examine it with no result.
The insurance company are involved, and the next step is, we understand, to have some ground radar surveys of the site to both see if the cause can be identified, but also to check the extent of the hole. When this has been completed, we are informed they will know how best to proceed to repair the damage.
None of our local councils are involved, not Bucks County Council, not Wycombe District Council, nor the Parish Council have any involvement in this matter. We continue to follow this matter.